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PCBN tipped insert
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Why pcbn inserts turning better than grinding?

pcbn inserts are modernized tools equipped with polycrystalline cubic boron nitride. The cbn grains are fixed on the most functioning part of the insert using a bonding material. Below are some of the advantages you can benefit from if you happen to put these cutting tools into use:

Better surface finish
With use of these equipments, one is guaranteed to get a brilliant surface finish. These tools make grinding to be more precise and also give a high quality.

Elevated grinding efficiency and reduced force
During the grinding process, low heat is generated by the hole being drilled. The less heat generated improves the quality of a work piece as heat is a times known to cause cracks on the surface of equipments being grind. Also energy consumption is minimal with the use of this equipment’s.

High speed cutting
pcbn inserts will save you a lot of time when compared to diamond grinding wheel or tungsten carbide inserts, it will give high speeds in any grinding process. For instance, if you are going to cut deeper into a solid metal, then pcbn inserts will save you a lot of your time. These tools will cut through a metal without use of force.

Longer durability
Pcbn material inserts can last for a very long time. This is because of their uniform hardness and their ability to resist wearing off easily. The tool life for pcbn can be predictable as they are processed in a way that they can resist chipping and cracking. The tips are known to wear off at a slower rate, making them to be more efficient, as the user doesn’t have to regularly adjust these tools after using them.

Lower costs
pcbn precision cutting tools are known to stay sharp making them efficient for use in any cutting process that you may think of. This gives you better control over your work piece size and the shape you want your work piece to take. Because of the end product, the quality will be as good with the use of cbn tools as this tools increase machine uptime and eliminate the cost of hiring an inspection officer if one is needed.

Cut through tough materials
pcbn inserts have the ability to turn extremely hard materials to any shape. By hard I mean materials that have the ability to be ground in the extent of cracking other forms of machinery. Their sharp cutting edges reduce the friction generated between the work piece surface and the tool making it possible for your tool of choice to chip cleanly into the tough object. Also pcbn inserts are equipped with sharp edges. The sharp edges eliminate any sliding that can occur during the turning of a hard surface work piece.

High material-removal rates
pcbn inserts are known to have the ability to withstand high rates of temperature created by the increases feeds and speeds that are known to take place during the grinding process. Their ability to withstand this conditions make this tools advantageous to use as their end result is a guaranteed higher material removal and precise dimensions on your work piece.

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