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What is Inconel 718 Material?

Inconel 718 Material is a Nickel-Chromium alloy with high creep-rupture strength at very high temperatures of up to 700 degrees Celsius (1290 degrees Fahrenheit), and can be hardened through precipitation. Additionally, its strength surpasses Inconel X-750 by far and its mechanical properties at lower temperatures are far much better than Inconel X-750 and Nimonic 90.

Features of Inconel 718 Material

Inconel 718 has numerous features that make it suitable for many applications. These attributes are:

§ Chemical Composition – Inconel 718 is an alloy, meaning that it contains some elements within it. These elements are: Nickel (50 to 55%), Chromium (17 to 21%), Iron (17%), Tantalum + Niobium (4.75 to 5.5%), Molybdenum (2.8 to 3.3%), Cobalt (1%), Titanium (0.90%), Aluminum (0.60%), Silicon (0.35%), Manganese (0.35%), Carbon (0.08%), Phosphorus (0.015%), Sulfur (0.015%) and Boron (0.006%).

§ Low vulnerability to post-weld cracking – Iron is present in Inconel 718, and this lowers its price per kilogram and grants it the precipitation hardening effect that makes it suitable for welding.

§ Strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation – Elements like Nickel, Sulfur, Molybdenum and Chromium make Inconel 718 material very resistant to corrosion (up to 1000 degrees Celsius).

§ Can be hardened – Hardening done by precipitating ordered interphases and solid solution hardening are the two strengthening modes performed, thus making it desirable for structural components that operate at high temperatures.

Uses of Inconel 718 Material

The following are the major uses and applications of Inconel 718:

§ Aircraft Turbojet Engines – Inconel 718 accounts for 50% of the aircraft turbojet engine weight because it is the core component for the turbine blades, disc blades and casing of the discs and the compressor’s high pressure zone.

§ Rocket Motors – here, it is used in the thrust chamber of the rocket engine.

§ Used in Nuclear Reactors and Pumps – since Inconel 718 has high resistance to corrosion and melting point, it is used in pumps and nuclear reactors.

§ Space Craft – Inconel 718 has been used in the engine manifold of rocket motors to power launch vehicles.

§ Used as a recording medium on Aircrafts – this is made possible by engraving Inconel 718 to the black box recorders on aircrafts, which record everything that happens on the aircraft.

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