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There are many industrial and factory applications that require bearing, lubrication, gearing. Roller, bearing, gearing turning can be accomplished in several ways and has evolved over the years. The most common way to achieve these inevitable operation requirements is to use inserts. There are various different types of turning inserts used in modern applications. However, pcbn and cbn are the most popular materials used in manufacturing these inserts. CBN (cubic boron nitride) are offered in different grades aimed at meeting specific industrial requirements and diverse application. It is therefore important to determine the purpose and requirement first before using any type or grade of cbn insert.

What is a cbn insert?
As aforementioned, the acronym stands for cubic boron nitride which is a synthesized material whose hardness can only be challenged by diamond. In fact, it is the second hardest material after diamond and provides superior wear resistance to carbide in different applications. The inserts come in different shapes, sizes and grades used in varying procedures. cbn can be used in alloy steel, die steel, high speed steel, forged steel, meehanite iron, Inconel, molly chrome steel rolls and chilled cast iron among others. These inserts are also quite preferred in the manufacture of roller, bearing, gearing.

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cbn inserts for bearing – Bearing is one of the oldest lubrication used in industries and factories and can be traced many years back. Bearings are used to prevent machines and equipment from grinding against each other and wearing out too soon. They are placed in between these hard mechanical parts to offer smooth movement and reduce friction between the parts. cbn inserts are used in bearing for one main reason which is their hardness. There are various types of cbn inserts used for turning bearing today and most of them are cylindrical. They also have a relatively greater length than diameter and offer a higher load capacity effectively reducing friction in respect to movement in the specified direction. Using cbn inserts will significantly boost durability of your system and also offers a higher load capacity.

cbn inserts for gearing – Gears are basically used to reduce the amount of effort needed to achieve various movements within an equipment or mechanical system. Gears can be attached to pulley systems in logistics industries and are also common in automobiles among other mechanical equipment. cbn inserts used in gearing offer the same advantages as those used in roller and bearing. They are sturdy and ultimately durable than any other gear system available in the market. Gear bearing is also another common application which includes the combination of small roller bearings to an epicyclical gear. Pcbn inserts simply ensures the corrugated gearwheel threads last longer.

cbn inserts for rollers – There is no huge difference between roller turning or any other movement that involves parts grinding against each other. Roller turning inserts are evident in several applications and mainly involves parts that rotate/move from one direction to another on a plain surface. When mechanical parts press on each other without lubrication, they will quickly wear out and the increasing friction can cause many damages to the system. cbn inserts used in roller applications are generally designed to form a level of lubrication between the moving parts (such as belts) and facilitate movement of these parts. Once again, their sole advantage is in durability although they are also renowned for sleek performance.

Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride inserts are designed for turning roller, gearing, bearing come in different specifications to meet diverse demands. Depending on the system, some may need higher grades. Systems that involve heavy loads for example need durable inserts that can withstand the heat and friction produced from hard-pressing. Systems that involve swift rotation and movement may also need high grade cbn inserts to significantly increase the longevity of the bearing/turning/gearing.

cbn and pcbn inserts are the most trusted when it comes to large-scale (and even smaller) gearing, bearing and turning requirements. They can be designed in any required shape, size, grade and model to fit into their respective places within the system. They also offer the best durability and only pcd diamond inserts perform better in that feat. There are several companies and business that either manufacture or wholesale solid cbn inserts and finding one should not be a daunting task. However, not all can guarantee top quality products and others are simply undesirable. It is therefore advisable to buy such inserts from reputable credible licensed distributors who provide genuine quality products.

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