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Advantages of cbn inserts for ferrous metal machining:

Challenging metals are crucial to the advancing industrialization happening in the world. Some of these difficult metals are the following: super alloys that are resistant to heat, fully hardened steels, bimetals, and hard powder metals. These metals are known to be close to being indestructible but they are difficult to shape to its final form with a reasonable cost to consider. This is what pushes a number of cutting tool manufacturers to come up with advanced type of inserts that can mill and turn such difficult to shape materials. Such companies came up with polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN), coated carbide, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), and coated carbide inserts. These materials are created with special geometrical considerations and coatings that enable them to survive mechanical shocks, resist abrasion, and also intense heat. Due to the limited stocks and the cost of production involved in the use of such inserts like cbn it is crucial that you know more about the economics of the machinery and the entire process.

Advantages of cbn Inserts:
By far, the biggest advantage of using cbn inserts is ‘increased productivity’. We can quantify these advantages as:
•       Inserts are made purely out of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride
•       Excellent heat absorption capacity
•       Excellent resistance to impact and wear
•       Works at very high temperatures
•       Increased cutting speeds
•       Increased feed rates
•       Increased tool life
•       Decreased machine down time
•       High metal removal rates
•       Dry machining
•       Accelerated machine setup time
•       Tool costs can be reduced by the increased parts per machine
•       Machining times can be reduced by the ability to machine ferrous materials in the hardened state as an alternative to grinding
•       pcbn offers environmental benefits by recycling the chips and eliminating grinding sludge
•       Replaces grinding operations and reduces machining costs
•       Offer dimensional stability, important in mass production
•       minimizes the amount of scrapped parts

When it comes to machining, there are three factors that are highly important and these are machine rigidity, stability, and thermal stability. These are the conditions that are necessary for producing a higher grade finished part. There will be better tolerances that can be achieved when there is higher stability in the general machine concept involved.
With pcbn inserts, you can make sure of a consistent, long-lasting tool life. It has been established to have better thermal and chemical stability than diamonds. It also dissolves in iron and reaches a maximum temperature limit of up to 700 degrees Celsius. 

Due to durability of cbn tools, it stays sharp over a continuous long production process. Because of its hardness, it also allows for better control on the shape and size of the material and it demands less in terms of changes in the cutting tools. Production cost per piece is greatly reduced as well as the inspection time required.
The parts of cbn cutting tools are low maintenance and there is minimal requirement for adjustments on the machine tool. 
There are other benefits that you can acquire from cbn cutting tools. They are known to have properties that resist cracking and chipping and these also provide uniform resistance to abrasion and hardness that goes throughout all directions. These cutting tools are known to be more efficient than the traditional cutting tools by 50 times. Since there is reduction on the tool wear it is able to produce closer tolerances on the pieces being worked on. Since there are fewer machine adjustments, machine downtime is at a minimum. Due to this high reliability of cbn tools, they are considered as primary element in making machining operations automated.

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