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Cast Iron Made Automobile Brake Disc Turning With PCBN Inserts

Automobile brake discs made with cast iron require turning and machining before they can fitted into the vehicle or sold as spare parts. Currently, most finishing operations are performed on high speed CNC machines. So there is a need to use cutting tool inserts that can provide a clean surface finish at a very high cutting speed. Solid cbn inserts and pcbn tipped inserts are the most suitable inserts for brake disc turning because of their high resistance to wear, very long tool life, and ability to withstand high cutting temperatures. Some vital facts about polycrystalline cbn inserts for brake disc turning are presented below.

Types of PCBN Inserts for Turning Brake Discs
CBN solid and tipped cbn inserts have been tested and proven to deliver excellent results during brake disc turning and machining. Tipped inserts such as CNGN120416 or CNMN120416 have diamond shapes, and they have been designed to provide high precision machining on materials such as grey cast iron which is frequently used to make automobile brake discs. Before machining any freshly cast brake disc, check the ferrite content, and sulphur content. Ideally, the sulphur content should not be more than 0.1% while the free ferrite content should be less than 5%.

What to Expect from CBN Inserts Used for Brake Discs
With the S01020 chamfer and degree, which comes with or without a cylindrical hole in the center, it is possible to turn brake discs at a cutting speed of over 1,000 m/min. Depending on the size of the disc and the amount of turning required on each unit, several thousands of discs can be machined with a single cbn insert. In fact, when compared to a ceramic insert, one pcbn insert can successfully about 20 to 30 times more discs.

In addition, this insert provides one the best options for correcting the warping or oval shape that it is quite common among disc brake castings. This usually requires a roughing operation to create a perfectly balanced disc. At a cutting speed of 1,000 m/min, and a feed rate of 0.4 mm/rev, and a depth of cut of 3.0 mm, the CNMN120416 cbn insert can turn over 6,000 brake discs, in a roughing operation, before its performance begins to diminish. This tool is suitable for both continuous, medium and interrupted cutting.

Benefits of Using PCBN Inserts for Brake Disc Turning
cbn inserts perform better than other inserts such as carbide and ceramic inserts when machining brake discs. Carbide inserts are tough but they cannot withstand the variation in load that occurs when turning a newly cast brake disc. Hence, they have a short tool life. But pcbn inserts have superior toughness and strong wear resistance so they can work perfectly in such situations. On the other hand, ceramic tool inserts are not tough enough to withstand high load variation. Therefore, pcbn material is the best option when machining brake discs produced with cast iron because they can cope with the variations that occur and continue working without any interruption.

cbn inserts are excellent tool inserts for turning of both automobile brake discs and brake drums made of cast iron. CBN solid and tipped inserts can handle all the variations in load that occur while working on these components. For optimum performance, the appropriate grade of the cbn insert should be used for roughing, semi-finishing and final finishing operations.

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